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Welcome to the Ticket Registration for the 100th Anniversary of the
Turkish Republic Day
Ball & Concert

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Discover the remarkable talents that will grace the stage at the 27th Turkish Republic Day Ball – a showcase of extraordinary performers curated by Turquebec.

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ALİ TOLGA DEMİRTAŞ, a highly skilled Turkish music composer based in Los Angeles, is set to lead an ensemble of Turkish and American musicians at the 100th anniversary celebration of the Turkish Republic Day Ball Concert in Montreal. His musical expertise spans classical Turkish music, jazz, and Turkish pop, adding depth and variety to the performance and ensuring an electrifying and enthralling experience for the audience.

He has an impressive track record of working on both stage and studio projects with renowned artists from around the world. His collaborations include esteemed names such as Sezen Aksu, Ajda Pekkan, Ozan Doğulu, Kenan Doğulu, İskender Paydaş, Ziynet Sali, Fettah Can, Halil Sezai, Ayhan Sicimoğlu, Volkan Öktem, Hüsnü Şenlendirici, Uğur Işılak, Della Miles, Şevval Sam, Erdem Kınay, Hüseyin Sermet, and the ENBE band, among others.

Collaborating with Şelale Şehnaz Sam, Demirtaş's mastery in these diverse genres promises a seamless fusion that will resonate with a broad spectrum of music enthusiasts. This event is poised to be a testament to their combined talents, leaving a profound impact on all who are in attendance.

ŞELALE ŞEHNAZ SAM, with her velvet voice and energetic performances, is a celebrated Turkish pop and jazz artist residing in Istanbul, Turkey. Born into a family steeped in music, she is acclaimed for her interpretations of Karadenız folk songs and popular pop hits. Her album "Söylenecek Birşeyler Var" further showcases her remarkable talent. Her performance at the 27th Turkish Republic Ball organized by Turquebec Cultural & Friendship Association in Montreal, organized by Turquebec Acclimation, will be a highlight event celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic day. 


Alongside her will be a stellar ensemble of musicians, including the esteemed composer and bassist Sezin Ahmet Türkmenoğlu, drum maestro John Christofer Wabish, and the virtuoso clarinet player Alp Akmaz from Miami, all meticulously selected by the discerning Ali Tolga Demirtas.

Together, this ensemble will create an auditory tapestry that promises to captivate the hearts of the audience, offering a night of music, celebration, and cultural unity that will be etched in memory for years to come. The 100th celebration of the Turkish Republic Day Ball concert in Montreal, featuring the incomparable Şelale Şehnaz Sam, is set to be an unforgettable event, honoring both the legacy of Turkish music and the enduring spirit of the Turkish Republic day.

The 27th Traditional Turquebec Turkish Republic Day Ball and Concert Venue: The Westbury Ballroom, Hilton Garden Inn Midtown Montreal

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