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Rise Our Flag on the 29th of October, 2022 in the city of Montreal

Let’s Work Together & Sign our Petition

Dear friends, If you live in Greater Montreal you may want to hear this: On October 03, 2022, we applied at the City of Montreal for the Commemoration Flag Ceremony and Proclamation on the 29th of October 2022, for the 99th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic Day. To support our cause even more, we have extended the petition for one more month to reach out for more support. If you are living in The City of Montreal and the surrounding areas, please Sign to Support this Petition to Rise the Turkish Flag at the City Hall of Montreal, on the 29th of October, 2022, at the 99th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic Day celebrations. Let's put out our efforts to support the cause. Thank you...

*Please note that as soon as we recieve an update about the application results, we will keep you updated by your email.

Stay Tuned!

Thanks for submitting!
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