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Happy readings from Turquebec...

Dear Turquebec friends and members... We are happy to publish our very first blog on our site. We like to share some Turkish books in English/French, and books from all around the world in Turkish to read. We would be very pleased If you can share your thoughts, special moments and/or stories if you have, emotions, and comments about the books we have listed...

Nights of the Plague

Author: Orhan Pamuk

Publisher: Fiber and Fiber.

Published Date: 10/2022.

ISBN: 97800571352920

Credits: Synopsis by

From the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature: Part detective story, part historical epic--a bold and brilliant novel that imagines a plague ravaging a fictional island in the Ottoman Empire.

It is April 1900, in the Levant, on the imaginary island of Mingheria--the twenty-ninth state of the Ottoman Empire--located in the eastern Mediterranean between Crete and Cyprus. Half the population is Muslim, the other half are Orthodox Greeks, and tension is high between the two. When a plague arrives--brought either by Muslim pilgrims returning from Mecca or by merchant vessels coming from Alexandria--the island revolts.

To stop the epidemic, the Ottoman sultan Abdul Hamid II sends his most accomplished quarantine expert to the island--an Orthodox Christian. Some of the Muslims, including followers of a popular religious sect and its leader Sheikh Hamdullah, refuse to take precautions or respect the quarantine. And then a murder occurs.

As the plague continues its rapid spread, the Sultan sends a second doctor to the island, this time a Muslim, and strict quarantine measures are declared. But the incompetence of the island's governor and local administration and the people's refusal to respect the bans doom the quarantine to failure, and the death count continues to rise. Faced with the danger that the plague might spread to the West and to Istanbul, the Sultan bows to international pressure and allows foreign and Ottoman warships to blockade the island. Now the people of Mingheria are on their own, and they must find a way to defeat the plague themselves.

Steeped in history and rife with suspense, Nights of Plague is an epic story set more than one hundred years ago, with themes that feel remarkably contemporary.

Les Nuits de la peste

Auteur: Orhan Pamuk

EAN : 9782072857294

Gallimard, (10/03/2022)

Synopsis par

En avril 1901, il se murmure que la peste s'est déclarée à Mingher, une île au large de Rhodes sur la route d'Alexandrie. Deux éminents spécialistes des épidémies sont dépêchés sur place par le sultan Abdülhamid II.

La maladie infectieuse est rapidement confirmée mais imposer des mesures sanitaires représente un véritable défi, en particulier lorsqu'elles se heurtent aux croyances religieuses. Dans cette île multiculturelle où musulmans et orthodoxes tentent de cohabiter, la maladie agit comme un accélérateur des tensions communautaires. Et si l'union était rendue possible par la construction d'une identité nationale ?

Affaiblie par les contagions croissantes mais vive dans ses élans révolutionnaires, Mingher, "perle de la Méditerranée orientale", va connaître des mois décisifs pour son histoire et voir son destin bouleversé.

Avec un talent de conteur hors pair, Orhan Pamuk fait de cette île imaginaire, minutieusement dépeinte, le théâtre d'une grande fresque historique où s'amorce la chute de l'Empire ottoman. Mêlant habilement fiction et réalité, atmosphères funestes et élans amoureux, Les nuits de la peste est un roman grave et tendre qui nous montre comment une situation de crise peut devenir le terreau d'une révolution politique.

Sonsuz Dikkat Dağınıklığı: Gündelik Yaşamda Sosyal Medyaya Odaklanmak

Orjinal Adı: Infinite Distraction: Paying Attention to Social Media

Yazar: Dominic Pettman

Yayın Evi: Sel

Yayın Tarihi: 06/2017

Çevirmen Yunus Çetin

ISBN: 9789755708744

Kitap tanıtımı, alıntı metni: Pandora Kitap Evi web sayfası

Sosyal medyaya öylesine ödklanmış haldeyiz ki dikkatimizi başka bir şeye yoğunlaştırmak artık büyük mesele. yapılması gerekenler kenarda beklerken her türlü ekran vasıtasıyla sürdürdüğümüz kesintisiz çevirimici hayatlarımızda büyük bir irade savaşı veriyoruz. Peki, herşey bu hale nasıl geldi? ...

Mutual Musings: On Mindfulness, Changing, and Existing in a Finite Life

Original Name: Müşterek Düşünceler

Authors: Begüm Başoğlu and Ege Erim.

Publisher: Okuyan Us Kitap Evi

Published Date: 2015 -in Turkish only-

English Edition/ Translator: Feride Yalav-Hackeroth

ISBN: 9786257344135

Synopsis Credits & Where to buy ebook version in English: Mutual Musings eBook by Begüm Başoğlu - EPUB | Rakuten Kobo United States

When we choose to be simple, our lives are not based upon ideal simplicity but an overt awareness. In fact, this is the greatest acknowledgment on this journey. In other words, to realize that simple living is not a final destination, but a journey. We may have spent yesterday in a careless, busy, or stressful state. Today is a new day. Every moment we become aware of ourselves is an opportunity to start entirely anew.

The co-authors of the number one best-selling book Sade (Simple)*, Begüm Başoğlu and Ege Erim open a new door, exploring mindfulness, changing, and existing in a finite life with Mutual Musings.

Begüm Başoğlu and Ege Erim–who helped thousands experience the magic of simplicity by defining the simple life as lighter but fuller, with less stuff but more experience and with self-proclaimed borders–now take you on another deep journey with Mutual Musings. This journey of discovery, which has grown over the years, intensifying in its shared feelings, evolves into an alleviating experience through Begüm and Ege’s sincere language.

Whenever you question how you can live life with joy and mindfulness, how personal change is possible and, most importantly, when you need a guide on your path to self-discovery, you will find solace and inspiration among the words of Mutual Musings.

Begüm & Ege

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